Meeting the future demands of a growing population with advanced technologies.

MBA Engineering is building the Industrial IoT solutions for agriculture Operations Technology (OT). The IoT solutions for your agriculture requirements is constantly growing. The AgriTech IoT market is expected to triple by 2025, reaching $15.3 billion. MBA Engineering can provide the necessary guidance, design and engineering necessary to give you the full advantage of Agriculture Industrial IoT.

Better Process Controls, Lower Production Risks

Forecasting the output of your production allows you to plan for better product distribution. If you know exactly how much crops you are going to harvest, you can make sure to maximize your product margins and revenue.

Automation Efficiency

Industrial IoT, smart devices, and operations process automation of irrigation, fertilizing, pest control, etc. can improve production cycles, achieve higher standards, crop quality and growth capacity.

Industrial IoT Sensors and Data

Climate monitoring devices capture weather conditions, crop management devices collect soil and field data, and production operations systems relay capacity variables...all of this information displayed in dashboards for analysis and planning.

Food Supply and Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT within the agricultural field are impressive and growing, MBA Engineering identifies the IIoT technologies needed to accommodate the problems associated with land resource management, maximizing grain yields and rapid industry growth.

Remote and Rural Agriculture IoT

Connecting smart devices, data uploads and integration can be especially challenging in rural farming and argicultural areas. MBA Engineering leverages over 18 years of experience designing, managing and improving Industrial IoT devices in hazardous, remote and rural areas to bring Industrial IoT solutions to your agricultural production, operations and facilities.

Grain Storage Management

MBA Engineering's modular, scalable Industrial IoT solutions for managing precise temperature, grain hydration, and volume levels in a distributed systems that communicates over vast distances in real-time.

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