Design and deployment of secured, networked, NextGen Industrial IoT and Controls platforms.

MBA Engineering creates convergence of Operations Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) to produce strategic, cost-effective, integration of industrial controls process to back office data, DevOps, finance, operations and enterprise business systems reducing TCO for the client.

Industrial IoT and Industry 4.0

MBA Engineering design and control systems automation teams take you through the latest Industrial IoT data-driven automation practices, enhancement of existing equipment, remote monitoring, and maintenance capabilities, for optimized industrial operations and facilities.

Security, Security, Security

Potential risks associated with an Industrial IoT breach are significant. MBA Engineering expertise and DHS ICS OPSEC certified engineers design and implement the critical security for Industrial IoT operations, environmental implications and potential for automation industrial controls system takeover that will impact employee and public safety, significant revenue and brand image losses.

IIoT Monitoring and Management

Industrial IoT automation requires consistent implementation of integrated AI-driven monitoring solutions, chain-of-responsibility policies and protocols, and IIoT cybersecurity management to bolster current organizational visibility and response.

The Industrial IoT Advantage

Industrial IoT (IIoT) technologies provide businesses and enterprises the means and capacity to integrate Operations Technology (OT) with Information Technology (IT) in unprecidented ways. IIoT allows organizations to leverage digital inputs, smart sensors and powerful analytical systems into production operation workflows to deliver precise, accurate and up-to-date information into the hands of decision makers and stakeholders, reducing costs and increasing efficiency. MBA Engineering provides the engineering personnel, technical expertise and management toolsets to streamline your IIoT secure solutions and optimization.

National Focus on IIoT Security

The Department of Energy, in coordination with the Cybersecurity , released the CyberSecurity Strategy brief in June 2018. The document steps through the DoE framework for Industrial IoT CyberSecurity and serves as a benchmark for organizations and companies to incorporate into current Operations Technology (OT), as well as augmenting existing Information Technology (IT) threat mitigation strategies and policies. MBA Engineering deliveres a standardized approach to implementation of the framework and recommendations provided in the DoE document to provide clients the expanded cybersecurity toolset to secure critical OT infrastructure and operations.

DHS-defined IIoT Security Practices

Following the release of the DoE Cybersecurity Strategy 2019-2020 brief, the U.S. Federal Government and Department of Homeland Security, established and signed into the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Secruity Agency (CISA) in November of 2018. The CISA established the Industrial Control Systems (ICS) framework to mitigate and eleviate risks within and across all critical infrastructure sectors. MBA Engineering focuses on the CISA ICS framework to create a comprehensive solution for intrusion detection, authorization and authentication, access controls, data encryption and infrastructure architecture to solve your OT security requirements.

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