Industrial IoT transformation of Industrial Waste Water management, efficiency and operations.

Industrial Waste Water facilities and operations depend on the integrated management solutions and management dashboards to reliably track in real-time water quality, pressure, temperature, liquid flow, and mechanical systems performance.

Enhancing Traditional SCADA Systems

MBA Engineering builds on 19 years of Supervisory Control and Data Acqusition (SCADA) expertise, deploying Industrial IoT smart sensory technology into water treatment and waste water facility operations to collect accurate and valuable pressure/temperature change, water/chemical leak detection and water quality.

End-to-End Visibility

MBA Engineering centralized dashboards, analysis, systems reporting and status management provides technology and digital insight to technicians, engineers and operations personnel that may not have been previously accessible using traditional SCADA solutions.

Industrial IoT for Water Systems

Industrial IoT will play a major role in the future management and operations of Waste Water and Water Treatment systems. MBA Engineering's Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and Operations Technology (OT) engineering teams deliver the guidance and expertise to integrate, digitize and visualize all aspects of Water Systems.

Maximize SCADA Management

Increase performance efficiency, reduce manual operations, raise safety levels and decrease equipment and mechanical failure. MBA Engineering's Industrial Control Systems teams analyze your existing Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system, optimize automation, data collection and capacity metrics.

Suppliers and Customers Together

MBA Engineering provides the critical Water Treatment facility operations dashboards, reporting, performance metrics to municipalities and suppliers alike. Partnering with local and regional entities, MBA Engineering's extended platform gives customers and suppliers the exact same visualization, reducing time and cost, eliminating repetitive cycles, and increasing balance sheet efficiency for everyone.

At Your Fingertips

Put the MBA Engineering Industrial Water Treatment comprehensive solutions suite to work for you and have your entire operation within a moments touch. Monitor and manage facilities, multiple locations or entire multi-site regions with minimal workfoce and maximum efficiency.

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