Realtime, secure fuel inventory management and fuel flow process automation.

Fuel storage tank monitoring installs above ground, communicates over existing networks or secured Internet, and creates a secured service boundary between IT and OT infrastructure, delivering accurate, reliable, critical data.

Mobile Inventory Level Monitoring

MBA's Fuel Management System in a mobile solution that monitors GPS truck location, records activity and events, monitors tank levels, multiple flow meters and integrates with existing enterprise systems.

Realtime Secure Data Sync

The MBA Mobile Fuel Management system can deploy to a variety of trucks, tankers and equipment vehicles, enabling realtime sync of fuel inventory levels, uploading transactional data to logistics, accounting and supply management.

Monitoring, Maintenance and Support

MBA Engineering Mobile Fueling and Operations Support representatives track fuel vehicle asset status, providing remote support, identifying potential issues and managing maintenance requirements.

Integrated Partnership Solutions

MBA has partnered with Liquid Controls, the market leader in transport fluid metering, to provide tracking and monitoring truck operator performance, mobile inventory levels, loads and deliveries.

Geo-Location Mobile Inventory

Interactive management dashboards and data screens provide critical operations information at the transactional level delivering a realtime view of current mobile asset location, uptime and activity.

Built for Harsh Environments

12 years of platform development has enabled MBA to produce a mobile fueling system that can maintain reliablility in the most extreme industrial, weather and operational environments.

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